Opals & Oddities

"You want to know about this place?" Opal says.

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Hypertext fiction for inspiration — Pages have preambles and postscripts written in second person point of view. The links there move you around. It should feel like a gamebook. Pages that reference magic have interactive aspects.

Leaving is intentional. — Links come at the ends of things: sentences, paragraphs, pages. External links are fully written out in footnotes. You should know where you're going, and what might be there, before clicking a link that takes you someplace else.

Type does the work. — I used machine learning to pick font pairings that go well together.1 The title and dinkus are set in Lovers Quarrel, by Roboert Leuschke. The headings and drop caps use Milonga, by Pablo Impallari. The body text is Catamaran, by Pria Ravichandran.

Reading is easy. — I used a different sort of machine learning to find color combinations that feel like ink on paper.2 The background is Cultured (#f6f7f8). The copy is Rich Black FOGRA 29 (#011627). Links are in Amaranth Purple (#a30a47) and the dinkus is Opal (#b5c9c3).

Magic keeps it all together.3

1.Jack Qiao created something really very useful with Fontjoy. One of these days I'm going to have to dig into the math behind it. https://fontjoy.com/pairing/

2.Coolors is a delightful application by Fabrizio Bianchi. You can start with two colors and get suggestions for everything else. Plus there's built in contrast checking. https://coolors.co/

3.I thrice wrote my own static site generator. Eleventy, by Zach Leatherman, is much better than any of those. https://www.11ty.dev/

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